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Are Aphrodisiac products good for Sexual Life?

Are Aphrodisiac products good for Sexual Life?

What is Aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac is a general term used to describe any food product or any substance that has a potency to increase the sexual behaviour, desire, activity, performance, attraction, affection, or pleasure of/for sexual activity of both male and female. The name ‘APHRODISIACS’ is a term derived from the Greek Goddess that symbolises Love.

There is a constant hunt by men for an effective Aphrodisiacs pursuit almost throughout the history. Naturally, Aphrodisiac could be a substance or food product that is harnessed from nature in the form of a plant, animal, and mineral, and has been in a huge demand all around the world for their capability of enhancing sexual ability. People with low sex drive or incapable of giving a good sexual performance considered such products as savior of their relatioship, confidence, and self esteem. 

Aphrodisiac not only is not only limited in the mechanism of products, Certain factors such as shape, sound, size, smell, surface, etc of products could attract or turn on an individual sexually.

Aphrodisiac Classification

Classification of Aphrodisiac is generally based on their chemical properties i.e. natural and Synthetic.

1. Natural Aphrodisiac

There are many historical substances that are known as Aphrodisiacs depending upon cultures of different countries. Even in today’s world, certain food products are considered as Aphrodisiacs such as:

  • honey, 
  • chocolate, 
  • strawberries, etc.

However, there is no scientific evidence that supports such claims in these products.

There are a number of natural Aphrodisiac such as:

  • Tribulus,
  • Red ginseng, 
  • Pistachio nuts, 
  • Maca, Ginkgo
  • biloba, 
  • Fenugreek, 
  • Saffron, 
  • asparagus,
  • Figs, 
  • spicy chili peppers, 
  • watermelon,
  • artichokes,
  • chocolate,
  • oysters,
  • strawberries, etc.

2. Synthetic Aphrodisiac

There are a number of synthetic man made drugs that are worldwide used to enhance their sexual performance such as viagra, cialis, avanafil, levitra, priligy, testosterone gel, etc. Such kinds of medical drugs are used to treat several incapability in an individual that lacks arousal, interest, orgasm, intensity, libido, erection, etc. Also, ayurvedic medicines are derived from certain herbal plants to boost sexuality in both men and women that includes cofindo, shilajit, Gokshura, Ashwagandha, etc, that does not associate any side effects with them.


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