How the Diabetes drug Metformin can suppress hunger and help with weight loss

How the Diabetes drug Metformin can suppress hunger and help with weight loss

The body produces more of an appetite-suppressive molecule when taking the diabetes drug metformin, according to research from Stanford University in California that was just published in Nature Metabolism. Researchers at Stanford University and Baylor University in Texas found two years ago that the same molecule is also produced during and after intense exercise. Called the anti-hunger molecule, scientists think the lac-phe molecule accounts for the modest effects of metformin, the world’s most prescribed diabetes drug, on weight loss. It was unclear up until now how the blood sugar-controlling medication metformin also caused weight loss, but it turns out that it works by decreasing hunger in the same way as intense exercise. Knowing how these pathways are regulated may help develop practical methods to reduce body mass and enhance millions of people’s health.

Researchers examined blood plasma samples from patients with type 2 diabetes both before and after they took metformin for 12 weeks, following trials conducted on obese mice. The starting dose for each participant was 500 mg, which was progressively increased to 2,000 mg. According to research, the participants’ lac-phe levels considerably rose during this time. Additionally, in a larger study involving 79 individuals with diabetes and heart disease, the researchers examined blood samples. The participants who were taking metformin exhibited significantly higher levels of lac-phe in comparison to the non-medication group.

Conversely, Long and colleagues discovered that inhibiting mice’s production of lac-phe reversed appetite suppression and led to weight gain. It’s strange and intriguing that metformin and sprint training have the same effect on body weight through the same pathway. He went on to say that these discoveries might inspire the creation of novel drugs for weight loss. Within the first few months of starting the medication, there has been evidence of a slight reduction in body weight for those who take metformin, also known by the brand names Fortamet and Glumetza. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet granted metformin approval for use in managing weight loss.

The advantages of metformin for weight loss and overall health go beyond the lac-phe molecule, according to experts in the care of diabetic patients. According to the Diabetes Care Nurse, a virtual diabetes educator who was not involved in the new study, metformin is an incredible medication. Jose has lived with type 1 diabetes for 42 years and has supported others with type 1 and type 2 diabetes for more than 15 years. Jose claimed that during her career, she has worked with thousands of individuals who have type 2 diabetes and has personally witnessed the effects of metformin. It’s among the most economical, safest, and efficient diabetes treatments available. For those with type 2 diabetes who receive a new diagnosis, it remains the standard of care. That will always remain the same.

Although metformin isn’t a medication for weight loss, all providers are aware that it will cause some weight loss. Jose continued, It’s just a positive side effect. Nevertheless, it is generally advised that people with diabetes or obesity lose 7 to 10 percent of their body weight. If metformin is used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices, this can definitely be accomplished. Jose emphasized that you have to make a commitment to making significant changes in your daily diet and exercise routine, just like Ozempic and other GLP-1 medications are making headlines. If you stop taking these medications, your weight will return to its initial level if you don’t make those adjustments.

The importance of physical activity is further highlighted by the fact that this medication increases the production of the same molecule that suppresses your appetite after exercise. Exercise enhances every bodily function, not just the burning of calories. It is so important and so underappreciated. Every aspect of your health is impacted by daily exercise, including your mental and physical well-being, your heart and lungs, your metabolism, your energy, and the quality of your sleep. Diabetes management and weight loss necessitate a multifaceted strategy that takes into account all factors. Medication is but one component. You also need to make use of realistic, sustainable eating practices and physical activity.

Since metformin doesn’t garner as much media attention as Ozempic, many people are hesitant to even begin using it. Alternatively, they are adamant about controlling their type 2 diabetes naturally due to the social stigma associated with taking medicine, which implies that you have failed on your own. Metformin, however, improves your body’s performance if your entire metabolic system is lacking. Jose asked people to recognize the advantages of GLP-1 drugs, although their effects are more pronounced and almost instantaneous than those of metformin. Most people with type 2 diabetes who receive a new diagnosis don’t routinely check their blood glucose levels. You will not experience the gradual effects of metformin if those numbers are not visible to you.


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