How can Sodium help in managing the Blood Pressure?

How can Sodium help in managing the Blood Pressure?

What is Sodium?

Sodium is one of the most important minerals that is a nutrient as well as an electrolyte. Our body needs this mineral in a relatively large amount and carries an electric charge when dissolved in certain fluids of our body such as blood. 

Most of the sodium in a human body could be found in blood and fluids around the cells. A human body constantly monitors its sodium level and blood volume. When either of them increases, several organ sensors detect it and excretes the sodium through urine if the level of sodium or blood volume increases. 

In case of too much presence of sodium in the body, there is an increased risk of high blood pressure when the kidney is unable to get rid of them. This could result in several other harmful health conditions. 

Natural sources of Sodium

Sodium is a kind of mineral that is generally available in almost all foods. The most common kind of sodium commonly available is Sodium chloride. Some of the many foods that contains sodium include:

  • Eggs and omelets
  • chicken
  • burritos and tacos with frozen breaded meat
  • salted nuts
  • smoked, cured, or salted meat
  • ravioli, spam, and chilli
  • sardines
  • ham
  • frankfurters
  • caviar and anchovies
  • canned beans salted

Benefits of Sodium in a human body

Sodium is associated with a number of health benefits in a human body. Being a commonly available mineral helps almost all people to have sodium in their daily diet. Some benefits of this electrolytic mineral includes:

  • controls blood pressure 
  • controls volume of blood
  • manages proper function of nerves and muscles
  • decreases risk of certain cancer
  • maintain fluid balance in the body
  • prevents loss of water
  • removed excessive CO2
  • improves skin and teeth
  • prevents cramps
  • prevents skin dryness
  • helps in brain development

Controlling blood pressure from Sodium intake.

Sodium(Salt) is a kind of minerals that attracts the body’s water to balance its concentration in the blood. Having an adequate and safe amount of salt i.e.e Iodine draws proper and necessary amount of water in the blood. This helps in managing and improving the blood circulation thereby maintaining a proper blood pressure level of the body. Similar high and low blood pressure effects are observed as per Iodine intake quantity.

Healthy amount of Sodium for an Individual

The intake of any vital mineral is generally classified based on an individual’s age, gender, diet, and medical condition. Daily amount of Sodium for each individual, irrespective of their gender are classified below:
For Infants:

  • infants under 1 years must not consume more than 0.4g of salt that is generally made by breastmilk. 

For Children:

  • no more than 0.8g of sodium for children between 1-3 years
  • children between 4-6 years need 1.2g or less of sodium
  • 7-11 year need sodium below 2g

For Adults:

  • 11 years and older need 2.4 g of potassium everyday.


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