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Stimulate and restore your hair growth using Rosemary.

Stimulate and restore your hair growth using Rosemary.

What is rosemary and its use?

Rosemary, scientifically known as Salvia rosmarinus is a naturally occurringgreen herb that is native to the mediterranean. This evergreen herb is a member of the Lamiaceae family of plants along with other members such as basil, oregano, lavender, thyme, etc. 

The herb has needle shaped leaves and a woody aroma. It is a perennial herb shrub that usually grows upto 1 meter in height whereas some plants might grow upto 2 meter. This plant is pretty much resistant to most of the insects and plant diseases, however, certain fungal infections might be effective to this plant in humid climate. 

The herb is used in a number of culinary dishes such as rosemary chicken and lamb due to its rich source of several essential nutrients. Its whole dried herb or dried powdered extract is typically prepared while fresh and dried leaves are used to make teas and liquid extract of rosemary.

In ancient times, rosemary was believed to improve memory. Also, there are many medical conditions in which rosemary has been used such as:

Benefits of using Rosemary and its oil

Rosemary consist of several important health benefits in a human body when taken in its any form in addition to its several features associated with flavoring and aromatic properties that includes:

  • restoring hair growth
  • resistant to several bugs
  • improves circulation of blood
  • reduces inflammation of joint
  • improves liver health
  • prevents food poisoning
  • weakens antibiotic resistant bacterias
  • might improve brain functioning
  • relieves pain
  • relieves stress
  • improves focus and attentiveness
  • may fight against cancerous cells
  • improves digestive health
  • reduces antibiotic side effects

There might be several other benefits of parsley apart from those mentioned above. Also, these benefits is obtained due to several residing vitamins and minerals in this herb such as:

Rosemary dose for Humans

  • Rosemary is not a kind of substance that a human body needs daily to perform certain tasks which could only be pulled out by it. People generally used parsley as a flavoring agent or sometimes to treat several medical conditions or gain several medical properties. 
  • There is no clinical evidence that specifically supports the oral dosing of rosemary in a human body. It is Generally advisable to consult a doctor or a health professional and follow their prescription if you are taking an additional rosemary supplement for any reason. Natural substances are considered safe but must be consumed under certain provisions as their safety is not assured.


  • Rosemary(Salvia rosmarinus), is a naturally occuring green herb that belongs to Lamiaceae family of plants.
  • This herb is used as a flavoring and aromatic agent in a number of dishes and from ancient times, it is used to treat many medical conditions.
  • Rosemary have several essential nutrients and minerals in addition to important beneficial effects in a human body.
  • The dosing of rosemary is not specified and must be discussed with the doctor if taking as a medicine amount such as supplements. 


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