Is Zinc supplement harmful for us in any way?

Is Zinc supplement harmful for us in any way?

What is a Zinc supplement?

Zinc supplements are harnessed from several rich zinc sources to ensure the right amount and quality of this mineral for your body. This supplement could be taken in any form for overall being and improvement of several systems in your body. This include immune system, blood sugar level, maintenance of several parts and organs of your body.

This synthetic mineral is available to us in the best quality pill form under the brand name Zincovit in our website mygeneric pharmacy. Taking a beneficial amount of such supplement will eventually help you against a number of unusual effects. It also boosts healthy maintenance of your body

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is a kind of mineral that is generally available in a variety of food products. It is unlikely to cause deficiency of zinc in your body. However, certain circumstances, illness, or poor diet could result in this unusual condition. Vegans are at more risk of zinc deficiency as the majority of zinc is found in meat and seafood products. 

Zinc is beneficial and plays several important roles in your body which make it a very vital nutrient although the demand is of negligible amount. A number of unusual and degrading conditions could be resulted if low level of zinc is found in your body with severe effects such as:

  • weakened immune system,
  • diarrhea,
  • degraded sense of smell and taste,
  • hypogonadism,
  • loss of appetite,
  • weight loss,
  • slow or inability of healing wound,
  • hair loss, etc.

An individual can identify with symptoms that there is deficiency of Zinc if these symptoms occur for unexpected reasons.

Necessary amount of Zinc 

According to the expert committee, an estimation of zinc intake for people of all groups and medical conditions has been established. This estimation assures the average biological requirement of the body that consist of amount and average body absorption rate so that the mineral intake results are beneficial for every individual. The amount of zinc intake are classified as:

  • babies between 6-12 months of age need 0.84mg of zinc per day
  • toddlers between 1-3 years need 0.83mg of zinc for their daily activity.
  • children between 3-6 years old require 0.97mg of zinc per day
  • children between 6-10 years demands 1.12mg of zinc per day
  • Kids between 10-12 years need 1.4mg per day of zinc
  • 1.82 of zinc per day is needed for teenager between 12-15 years 
  • Above 15 years of male need 1.97 zinc per day
  • Above 15 years of female need 1.54 zinc per day
  • pregnant woman need 2.27mg/day while lactating woman need 2.89mg of zinc per day.

Overdose on Zinc supplement

As a certain amount of zinc is very important and resourceful for maintenance of function of several systems in your body, it is necessary to avoid the quantity of such minerals more than required. Similar to the beneficial amount of zinc, there is a standard limit provided for such minerals so that an individual must prevent the toxicity of the same. 

Such overdose may occur due to frequent use or unnecessary higher dose of supplement than recommended. This could lead to a number of harmful conditions such as diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, low count of good hdl cholesterol, vomiting, change in taste, flu like symptoms, rapid infections, copper deficiency, etc.

One must contact a doctor or get medical attention immediately if such effects are observed as Zinc toxicity could be life threatening. Any dose of zinc above 50mg is considered as an overdose so make sure to avoid its encounter.

Interaction of Zinc mineral

Interaction generally refers to potential risk that could develop inside an individual’s body when two or more drugs, substances, medical conditions or therapies interact with one another in a positive or negative manner. However, zinc is a kind of mineral that does interact with any of the medications. There are no reports stating interaction of zinc with any medical drugs with any moderate or severe conditions. 

Also, there are very limited medical conditions that could interact with zinc supplement when taken without any medical guidance such as malabsorption syndrome and renal dysfunction. It is always recommended to consult a doctor or any healthcare professional to ensure your safety with respect to dosage, quality, and other circumstances when using a zinc supplement.


  • The amount of zinc requirement is based on your age group, gender, and medical condition.
  • Lack of certain food products especially for vegans could lead to risk of zinc deficiency in your body that consist of several unwanted symptoms.
  • A synthetic zinc mineral is available on mygeneric pharmacy that provides enough supply of zinc that benefits your body.
  • Zinc supplement must be consumed within beneficial limits as excess if zinc could result in a number of toxic side effects.
  • No medicines are bound to interact with zinc however, certain medical conditions could decrease the zinc absorption rate which must be discussed with the doctor.


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